Workshop The Emergence of Form

1 - 7 Sept 2019 Boisbuchet, France

We will start at zero and look for materials around us – which might also be immaterial such as light or wind – in order to then make a choice which ones we wish to explore deeper. We want to find out their various qualities and work with them towards their open possibilities.

From there a precise proces is going to lead us into structures, forms, and movements that take you to your very own expression.

Then there is the choice to create an object, to work with the body, or on a larger scale. In any case, our discovery of solutions is guided by the inherent qualities of the materials we work with.

A photographer and film maker registers this emerging process of each participant and adds a layer of reflection and clarity which might be integrated into your final presentation. This presentation might show moving objects, structures, or body pieces.

The workshop’s open and interdisciplinairy way of designing enables each participant with an intense focus. In just five days a very condensed, clear, and precise process becomes visible. Finally this is all about being most efficient with energy, “inciting the flow of continuous creation – no waste, no loss of energy, alert and alive”.

When: September 1st – September 7th 2019
Where: Boisbuchet, France
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