Masterclass Knockvologan

April 25 - May 2, 2020

Leaning into the Landscape brings participants from different fields and continents together on the remote tidal island of Erraid on the west coast of Scotland. The open and transdisciplinary approach in this intensive masterclass will challenge participants to unlearn and re-wild by immersing oneself into this rugged coastal land. 

We invite you to explore together the ingenuity of natural systems. Starting from scratch a focused process will lead into forms, sounds, and movements that take you to your very own expression inspired by volcanic rock formations, peatland, Celtic rainforest, and the ocean.

During the week, we will be walking the island, sail the shoreline, encounter ancient oaks, collaborate with seaweed, lichen, and granite, sink into peat, eat and cook from the shore. Everybody will go home with many new insights and ways of working. Through absorption, improvising and making you will experience the inexhaustible resource of land and water.

Knockvologan Studies carries forth the philosophy that a landscape, looked at through different eyes, worked with and mapped out in omnifarious and sensory ways, will grant new insights and outlooks, generate stories and offer possibilities for a more sustainable relationship between humans and their habitat. With this approach, we aim to contribute to a smarter and more sustainable culture, enhancing biodiversity and thus the health and prosperity of ourselves and the environment. 

In the work of Maria Blaisse form emerges and evolves through rigorous research into the intersecting potentialities of body, material, movement and sound. Blaisse’s design processes—and the forms that originated from them —offer an optimistic pathway forward for contemporary humanity amidst growing intensity of physical, social, and environmental challenges. Dedicating her full attention and deep respect to the unique qualities of a given material, (very) slowly, new possibilities emerge.

Founders of Knockvologan Studies, Miek Zwamborn poet, visual artist & Rutger Emmelkamp multi-disciplinary artist, designer and educator will guide you along the shore.

Designer Bob de Graaf registers with film and photography the emerging process of each participant and the group.

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Miek Zwamborn, Rutger Emmelkamp & Maria Blaisse, Erraid, Scotland