Lecture “l’intuition comme moteur du projet”

26 March 2018, EAVT, France

Quand l’artiste recontre l’ingenieur

Conference: Maria Blaisse and Jean-Marc Weill
Monday 26th March, 18h00
Amphitheatre de l’ École d’Architecture de la Ville et des Territoires (EAVT) :
12 Avenue Blaise Pascal, 77420 Champs-sur-Marne, France

Dutch artist, author of a book entitled «The Emergence of Form», Maria Blaisse defends an intuitive practice of the project. It is through exploration and intuitive
research, going beyond reflection, that the project can emerge. This in a direct relation to the matter and its behavior. This intuitive approach could be linked to
the one of great engineers, as David Billington defined it in his book «The Tower and the Bridge». According to his description, the term « structural art » can be reached by the respect of the three «E»: Economy, Efficiency, Elegance. It is from the balance of these three «E» that the structural art would be born. Also, Pier-Luigi Nervi, in Costruire correttamente, explains :

«The design of a resistant system is only partly a creative act, it is based on scientific data; the static sensibility which determines it, even if it is a necessary consequence of the study of the equilibrium and the resistance of materials, remains, like the aesthetic sensibility, a purely personal capacity or, to say it better, the fruit of the understanding and assimilation of the laws of the physical world born in the mind of the architect.»

This mixed conference aims to present first of all the work of Maria Blaisse, and her approach to the project, and will be followed by a presentation of Jean-
Marc Weill, architect and engineer, managing partner of C & E engineering. He will present some of his experiences in collaboration with artists such as Richard Serra or Olivier Strebelle, and how engineering and technical solutions can become part of the artistic project. How the artist and the engineer meet around
the project.

This link between art and engineering is also a direct way to talk of architecture, on subjects where the boundaries between these three practices merge.